Just another chew toy


Those of you that are long-time dog owners no doubt already know this. I’m convinced Blixa thinks I’m simply another play thing for him to chase, bite, & scratch. He’s never mean about it and it’s always with his tail wagging but he does all those things with relish … perfect for a dog.

How I spent my Labor Day

Focus ambulance

Running on the side streets to avoid Dickerson Pike construction (while the brick intersections look really nice, there’s a mad gap between them and the resurfaced asphalt) because I didn’t want to do rim damage. Did more than rim damage. I got hit on the rear driver’s side wheel by the right front corner of a 98 Malibu. Bent the tire on an upper inward cant of about 25 degrees. When the wrecker put it on the bed the tire didn’t spin at all. Just dragged uselessly along the ground. Sigh. ¬†Well, its at the shop now, and hopefully they can begin labor tomorrow. The day after Labor Day. Doing my part to stimulate the economy.



Return of the (tar)mac

I always feel like I’ve already travelled back in time when boarding an airplane via steps on the tarmac. A time of slower processes, more attention to customer service, and willingness to brave the raw elements … unbearably blue skies and streaming sunshine in my case today. Also, a time before they left the engines running and before all the ground crew required ear protection to keep from going deaf. A thought I pondered while waiting five minutes to board without said ear protection for me. What?


We live in interesting times

After getting a falafel sub @ Subway (tasty but a bit dry) I pondered the fact that they didn’t provide tap water for patrons & instead forced us to purchase bottled water. I hate bottled water. Especially in a place like Chicago that has an amazing infrastructure in place to produce great potable water for the public city supply. So I was really pleased to see these high-tech fountains in one of the terminals. Now I just need to start packing for urban travels like I do for wilderness camping … first item to pack? A reusable water bottle!


French press flashback


While studying at Newbold College in the early 90s, we drank French press coffee regularly. I always thought it had something to do with being skint. I think the Bodum we had was less than $15 at the time. Obviously we’d drink it a different way if we could afford to. Over time we began acquiring more expensive brewing equipment; drip-pot, espresso machine, Chemex. All seemed to make decent cups that I assumed were better quality. Recently I had reason to drink French press again & was shocked to find I love it. Thicker, fuller-bodied, velvety-texture, and oh so full of flavorful … like moving from a generic corn-syrup-partially-hydrogenated-laden smooth peanut butter to a crunchy, all natural organic peanut butter. Night & day better. Why’d I ever stop drinking it this way? Stupid, preconceived ideas. And maybe this: What’s that lurking in your French Press?